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Acacia mearnsii De Wild.
black wattle
Highly Invasive, Major problem species
Origin: South East Australia and Tasmania
Growth Form: Tree
Plant Description: Plant: Unarmed, evergreen tree 5–10(–15) m high; branchlets shallowly ridged; all parts finely hairy; growth tips golden-hairy. Leaves: Dark olive-green, finely hairy, bipinnate; leaflets short (1.5–4.0 mm) and crowded; raised glands occur at and between the junctions of pinnae pairs. Flowers: Pale yellow or cream, globular flowerheads in large, fragrant sprays, August–September. Fruit: Dark brown pods, finely hairy, usually markedly constricted.
Key Features:
Control: combination of chemical, mechanical and management techniques
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