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Passiflora edulis Sims
purple granadilla, passion fruit, yellow passion fruit, purple passion fruit
Unknown, Minor problem species
Origin: South America
Growth Form: Climber
Plant Description: Glabrous, perennial, tendril climber; stems sometimes " angular, up to 15 m high. Leaves: Deeply three-lobed, lobes elliptic to oblong, apex pointed, shortly tapering, margins serrated, glossy dark-green above, stipules small, linear-lanceolate to 10 mm long. Flowers: White, except base of corona which is purple; caronal filaments curly, as long as petals; 50-75 mm across. Fruits: Globose berries, greenish-yellow turning deep purple, glabrous, to 60 mm long, pulp sweet and edible, rind hard.
Key Features:
Control: systematic chemical or total physical removal

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