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Common Hooktail, Mlawula

Eswatini's Odonata: Dragonflies and Damselflies

UPDATED CHECKLIST: An Adobe pdf version of the checklist as at December 2018 is available here (click to view/download - approx 10 MB).

The checklist currently includes a total of 78 confirmed and 28 possible species, the latter being based on records adjacent to Eswatini.

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Eswatini's Dragonflies and Damselflies by family

Aeshnidae - Hawkers     (7 species)

Corduliidae - Cruisers, Emeralds     (2 species)

Gomphidae - Clubtails     (13 species)

Libellulidae - Skimmers, Dropwings     (47 species)

Calopterygidae - Demoiselles     (1 species)

Chlorocyphidae - Jewels     (1 species)

Coenagrionidae - Sprites     (23 species)

Lestidae - Spreadwings     (7 species)

Platycnemididae - Stream-damsels     (2 species)

Protoneuridae - Threadtails     (1 species)

Synlestidae - Malachites     (2 species)

106 species recorded or possibly found in Eswatini.

16 species recorded in Malolotja Nature Reserve
9 species recorded in Mantenga Nature Reserve
38 species recorded in Mlawula Nature Reserve

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