Fauna - Vertebrates

Eswatini is home to over 8000 species of flora and fauna. In spite of the small size of the country, it includes diverse geology and topography, and altitudes range from over 1800m to less than 100m. This has resulted in diverse vegetation types and habitats. Its situation in the east of southern Africa also means that it includes tropical and subtropical biomes as well as montane grasslands and shrublands.

This website includes detailed information on Eswatini's biodiversity, including checklists and databases
and information on research projects relating to biodiversity.

The Biodiversity Explorer pages include photos and illustrations of Eswatini's flora and fauna, with links to the detailed information contained in the related databases, as well as links to other online resources.

Current checklists for Eswatini's biodiversity include about 8150 taxa, and it is expected that this number will grow as more information is compiled and further investigations are undertaken.

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Eswatini's biodiversity information was previously made available on the Eswatini National Trust Commission website. The ENTC now has a new website (www.entc.org.sz). The old website can be viewed here.